Removing Restraints But Raise Awareness Of Alternatives For Fall Prevention

1103 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
This very situation had happened in a case study done to remove restraints but raise awareness of alternatives to fall prevention. According to Nursing Homes, a Canadian trade publication magazine who has been in print since 1990 Eastern State Hospital initiated a reduction program to remove the use of physical restraints in their facility. This project they explain is a never-ending work offering staff education and training often, in alternatives to restraints. While the hospital cut the number of restraints by 44 percent. They explained that there were many setbacks during this trial and error phase. That many alternatives had to be tried and adjustments made by everyone to make this work. For this company their choice was not, in the end to go restraint-free but “restraint-appropriate.” As C.N.A Lisa Edwards had explained to us the biggest issue for any medical facilities who do use restraints is maintaining the proper amount of staffing to release patients every two hours as required by law. These dangerous are what lead to the concerns of pressure sores, and negative mental anxiety that is caused by restraints. When restraints are used properly they show many advantages that are hard to ignored such as, prevention of falling, maintaining dignity for patients who are known to remove clothing in public places, preventing a confused patient from getting out of the building, stopping a patient from rolling out of bed, stopping a patient from harming themselves or others,…

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