Essay Religious Influence Of The United States

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The United States of America was first settled by individuals escaping religious persecution in Europe and around the world. Because of the overwhelming influence of religion in the European governments, it was imperative that the newly settled Americans form a government that did not give religion the power to directly control all aspects of life. The importance of no one religion having an unreasonable amount of power over an entire country was not lost on the Founding Fathers causing them to institute this idea of religious freedom. In order to deny any specific religions the ability to control the American government, which threatens infringing upon individual rights, the separation of Church and State was created. This ideological belief of keeping the government completely independent from various religious influences has been one of the greatest appeals of American culture to many citizens and immigrants over the past centuries. While we believe this principle to be critical to our personal freedoms and instrumental in our government policies, true religious separation from the American government is just not possible. Even with our secular public society today, religious influence is still greatly present in government policies and their application. While the United States must try to maintain a separation of Church and State, it would be nearly impossible to eradicate all of religion 's influence in society. However, that influence might actually be beneficial to…

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