Religions Influence on American Democracy Essay

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Religions influence on American Democracy and it's effect on Globalization

Abstract A person's religious beliefs greatly influence his or her ethical behaviors. According to reports, religion is one of the strongest motivators for individuals to exhibit ethical behaviors in all areas of their lives. Modern thought tends to see religion as one sphere of society, alongside politics, economics, science, family, morality and so on. There is much written about business and organizational ethics but there is little written about the behaviors that people display to demonstrate they are ethical humans. It is almost as if an organization is perceived as an entity capable of doing behaviors without the human element. Decisions
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And the annual staging of "Aida" at the Great Pyramids at Giza, a high point of Egypt's tourist season, has been canceled because of security concerns. What already was a global economic slowdown has been gathering momentum since Sept. 11, dashing hopes for a quick U.S. economic turnaround and raising the specter of worldwide recession. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. now forecasts that global economic growth will barely exceed 1 percent this year and the next, which would be the worst performance in 20 years. Taken as a group, the major industrialized economies of the world -- the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe -- are growing weakly or shrinking, while the once red-hot economies of Asia and Latin America have fizzled. Even worse off are many Caribbean and African nations, where the tourist drought and the collapse of commodity prices have hammered already fragile economies. The only nations that appear to be weathering the global downturn -- India, China, Russia and some in Eastern Europe -- are those that have resisted full integration into the world economy, retaining vestiges of socialism and protected markets. But almost everywhere else, industrial production is falling, unemployment is rising, profits and stock prices are depressed. The volume of cross-border trade is shrinking while cross-border

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