The Importance Of Political Culture In Keeping The Republic

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Political culture is defined in the book, Keeping the Republic by Christine Barbour as, “The broad pattern of ideas, beliefs, and values about citizens and government held by a population” (Keeping the Republic, Barbour, 2015). As Americans, we have a few main ideals and values that affect how we interact with our political system. Obviously, not everyone is going to agree or even share the same views, but most Americans believe that the three main ideals are; freedom, equality, and democracy.
Most Americans value freedom and we believe that we need it to make us happy. Freedom is defined by the book, Keeping the Republic as; “Freedom for the individual from restraint by the state” (Keeping the Republic, Barbour, 2015). Americans see
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We all have our differences but we are all considered equal in the eyes of the law. We all have the same fundamental rights and we believe that everyone should be treated equally. Thanks to are strong ideals about equality, Americans believe in political equality. Political equality means that; “equality before the law-that the law shouldn’t make unreasonable distinctions among people the basis for treating them differently, and that all people should have equal access to the legal system” (Keeping the Republic, Barbour, 2015). Every American citizen is entitled to vote, to have legal representation, and that everyone is treated equally under the law. As long as everyone obeys the laws, everyone receives the same rights, as Americans. A major problem that the government faces is; how do you treat everybody equally when we are not the same? Should the poor have to pay the same amount of money, for a crime, as the rich, who can afford to pay more? Should men and women be treated the same? What about young people versus the old? It is a very fine line that the government has to walk, but as citizens, it is our job to make sure the government is on the line. When we feel that the government has stepped over that line, we have the freedom to act. We can protest, write to our government leaders, and communicate with each other, through social …show more content…
A democracy is a “government that vests power in the people” (Keeping the Republic, Barbour, 2015). Abraham Lincoln said it best; “Government of the people, by the people, shall not perish from the Earth” ( That quote is ingrained in every American and that is how most of us define democracy. We strongly believe in majority rule, that the will of the majority is how the government makes their decisions. It is the foundation of democracy. Without majority rule, there would be no democracy. Since the political leaders, in our society, have to listen to the people, it is our duty, as citizens, to want to support policies that will protect and help to grow our democracy. By taking an active role, by voting in elections, the people interact with our government. Some people feel that their voices are not being heard and that they don’t take an active role, they don’t think that they make a difference. It is hard for the government to make everyone happy, but we as Americans have to understand that and try to continue to work together to do what is best for the nation and all of its

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