Religion Has No Place On Schools Essay

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Topic: “Religion has no place in schools.” Discuss.
Word limit: 1,000 plus or minus 5%

I. Introduction
The enduring debate upon the ‘separation of education and religion’ appears to be a perpetual endeavours that not ever reaching a conclusion. This essay sets out to discuss the statement that ‘religion has no place in schools’ and argues it is theoretical naïve and practically unrealistic. It is a matter of degree depends on a particular society but it is hardly to be the case that ‘religion has no place in school’. Given the vast nature of the concept, this essay will focus on two aspects. The statement is first, theoretical flaw; and second, practically impossible to separating religion and education. It will follow by a conclusion.

II. Theoretical flaw
The proponent of separation of religion and education is based on the idea of secular and spiritual distinction with each has its own incomparable purpose. It follows that the mind will be corrupted if religion or moral value involves in the process and system of education. The purpose of education is to seek the truth and acquire knowledge. In contrast, religion is aimed at moral value and good behaviour. As a result, to educate any child in a religion is a form of indoctrination at best and corruption at worst.
Therefore, children should not be taught with any religious belief, but if children are presented with religious belief they should also offer with secular belief. The children will allow them to make up…

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