Religion And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Reflecting on this past semester, there are many things that come to mind when applied to Todd Tremlin’s, World Religions class. I have learned more than I ever have in the field of religion and did an abundant amount of outside research due to the growth in interest. With a major already invested in religion, my passion has inevitably grown and changed from that of a close minded, ignorant christian that believes in only ONE right way, to an open minded accepting, unbiased individual. There were times when I left class questioning all that I had grown up knowing and times when my deepest questions about life itself were answered. It was almost like the act of giving and receiving. When one question was answered another question would be raised.
Of all the religions studied in this course, Buddhism and Hinduism have blown my mind the most. The incredible astral and universal beliefs of Buddhists are mind altering and my view on society and the universe have completely changed. Hinduism on the other hand is just a fascinating religion. The 330 million gods and the complex idea of Brahman, a single essence that encapsulates all life, are just some of the many concepts that captivated my attention. That is why I decided to focus on Hinduism for the enrichment project; whether it be focusing on a specific practice or actually visiting a place of worship, I was going to find something to further my understanding on a more personal level with this religion.
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