Relevance And Attention Work Hand Essay

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Relevance and attention work hand-in-hand, but they work differently from person to person. The one-size-fits-all model of standards calls for a student who is expected to learn only in the way that he has been taught and only what he has been taught; however the one-size-fits-all model does not represent every single student. It fails to recognize the different types of students⏤some who may have learning disabilities or who may just not be genetically constructed to attain lessons in the traditional way that has been used over the centuries⏤and instead catalogues each and every one into a single category when it comes to education. Cathy Davidson, in her article “Project Classroom Makeover,” cries out for a change in the educational system and an abolishment of The One-Size-Fits-All Model of Standards in order to reach as many students as possible. In order to do so, she proposes the idea of “institutional unlearning,” wherein relevance and attention work hand in hand to educate using resources made readily available.
An industrialized definition of a model student had been put forth centuries ago. It dates back to the industrialization process America went through, in a method Davidson describes as one that “mimicked the forms of specialized labor on the assembly line” (57) with how it was designed to train laborers who would potentially work in the newly erected factories to be successful in working in the factories. In the sense of having graduates who were adept at all…

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