Classroom Observation At Crosby Elementary School

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I decided to do my fieldwork in my home town of Harvard, IL, at Crosby Elementary. I met with my host teacher Miss. S. She teaches first grade. I was able to observe her class during their math time and literacy times. In her class she has twenty three students, ten boys and thirteen girls. Of the twenty three students two of the students are ELL, two have special needs services, two have ADHD and one of the two is in the autism spectrum, five students have reading intervention, and three are in speech.
Miss. S has been teaching common core for about four years and is attending grad school, which ties into the common core. She also has attended workshops and has had half days at work that focuses on the common core standards. I think this is great that this shows great team work and how teachers work together to educate themselves about common core as a group.
Miss. S. stated that feels that the common core standards are very important and she likes them, but she feels that students that are
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S. uses in her classroom are the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), which is map testing, and Children’s Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA), which tests math and reading. The whole district uses these two assessments. The high stakes assessment that is used in her classroom is Formative Assessment System for Teachers (FAST), the students have to find sight words and have a one minute reading test. The students also have to sound out the words using syllable counter. The informal assessments that Miss. S. uses in her classroom is she observes her students and uses a check list. She also does an end of the unit assessment in math and literacy. When it comes to assessments, Miss. S. uses different techniques or ways to assess her students by using the projection screen and has the students sit on the rug in front of the classroom with private folders set up as cubbies to cover their work, or she will assess her students in small

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