Relationship With My Best Friend Johnny Essay

1681 Words Mar 1st, 2016 7 Pages
I am a firm believer that in this world there are few people who can be called a true friend. Many people I believe are lucky enough to find a few of these friends. Friends that will go through anything to help you and that you would do the same for in turn. There is a possibility that some people will never find one of these true friends. I am lucky enough to have one such friend in my life and hopefully we will always have such a strong bond. The relationship I shall be analyzing in this paper is the relationship with my best friend Johnny. Over the years we have gone through many struggles individually and collectively and have come to think of each other as brothers if not in blood then in spirit. In this paper I shall be using the Six-Stage Relationship Model to analyze our: Contact, Involvement, Intimacy, Deterioration and Repair of the relationship. My first true contact with Johnny did not foreshadow how strong our friendship is in present time. In fact at first we were not really friends at all more of a competitor-acquaintance relationship. I met Johnny when we were both 13 years old at a camping trip sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America. I was invited to go by my aunt who was involved in the troop and whose son my cousin was a member of. This was a activity my Mom and Aunt thought would help me make some friends in middle school as all of my friends had either moved to different schools, or joined different social groups that I did not like leaving me…

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