Connection Between A Friend Analysis

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Connections and interactions between friends is a central part of life and makes every day more enjoyable. The bonds between friends set the foundation for a life of happiness. Friendship; the central theme to Linda McMahon’s life. Linda is a 75 year old women who lives in a suburb of Boston Massachusetts. Thanks to the strong bonds Linda made with friends at a young age, she has always been well supported by her family and friends. Throughout every stage of her life; childhood, college, married life and retirement, being around friends is what fuels Linda, helps her overcome difficulties and makes her happy.
In her childhood, Linda developed deep relationships with her family members. As the oldest sister of four, (Karen, Judy and Marsha)
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It was love at first sight and they have been best friends ever since. Their bond is unlike any 2 people in the world; they were joined at the hip, agreeing on every decision and thinking the same thoughts. James and Linda were life companions who loved to spend every moment together whether this meant at their children’s hockey games, out to dinner or sitting on the couch for a family movie. Raising a family of 4 children; Chad, Kourtney, Carrie and Shaun was a very important aspect to Linda’s life and changed her relationship with James but only for the better. They instilled their values of hard work, perseverance and the Catholic faith in each of their children who passed these characteristics down to their children. James and Linda continued their date nights and fostered their friendship while raising a family, keeping one another as top priority …show more content…
The tradition of vacationing at Hampton Beach began when Linda was a child and continues to this day. This became a place filled with happy memories of long days on the beach and laughs for the entire family. Her four children formed special friendships with their cousins on these trips and with each other as well. Her travel adventures took off once her children had graduated college. James and Linda traveled to many different countries and states, one of their favorites being Hawaii. (McMahon)This trip allowed both of them to relax, enjoy the outdoors and simply lay around the beach. Spending time with one another is the best kind of vacation for McMahon, especially with her best friend and adventure partner James. Germany was a place that had intrigued Linda since James was stationed as a Paratrooper. (McMahon) James and Linda wanted to go to Germany greatly but sadly, James passed away before this trip could happen. Linda took it upon herself to make sure she saw where he fought and was fascinated by her trip and the extra sentimental value of James's service for the United States made it that much more memorable. Taking trips without James posed some challenges but Linda continued to spend time with friends and family. Her friend Ginny from college became her new travel companion and McMahon didn’t lose her inner fire to travel. She still travels all across the globe with various friends

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