Relationship Styles Essay

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sydney ownbey psychology 150
October 14, 2014

I have been so incredibly blessed by God in giving me the family members, close friends and role models that I have. Through these people, and the love and support they have for me, I have developed a secure relationship style. I have no problem loving others and being loved, and feel extremely confident in my relationships with others. I can rely and trust others to provide me with comfort and support and love when necessary, but can also be independent and do not feel that it is necessary for me to completely rely on, or live to please anyone else. My brother and I have both been raised in a Christian household by two parents who both have secure attachment styles, and have raised us to
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I have too easily trusted others in the past in situations and have been let down several times causing more stress and anxiety and leaving me with trust issues that I need to address and recover from in order to rid myself of avoidant attachment style tendencies, and grow in my relationships and develop and even more secure, secure attachment style. When it comes to relationships I have the upmost confidence in my secure relationship style, with the exception of the flaws in trust in others. I understand and find comfort in knowing others can love me, and that I can find comfort in others. This understanding not only applies to my friends and family but also to God, I understand that I can rely on God and that he loves me and truly cares for me more than anyone ever can. I find peace in knowing that he offers me comfort and love and he will never betray me. Without my secure attachment style I would not be able to rely on God, I would not feel that he loves me or that I was worthy of others loving me. I know all of these things after reading and learning so much about our attachment styles and how they directly effect our relationship with God through this class, I

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