Relationship Between The French And English Essay

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The relationship between the French and English in Canada has always been in turmoil, but with the turn of the century this tension went through further change, as will be exemplified in my three topics represented by Canadian stamps. The Canadian French contempt of the English intensified during the Conscription Crisis of World War One which provided a basis for Quebec’s new ideas of ‘separation’ augmented during the Quiet Revolution in the 1960’s. However, by the 1970’s the so called ‘saviour’ of Canadian identity within Quebec and Canada, Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, achieved significant strides in creating a more balanced country where both French and English could amicably co-exist.
The first topic I will be exploring is the 1917 to 1918 Conscription Crisis that specifically enraged Quebec and its already dubious identity in Canada. Conscription was instated in 1917 by the Canadian federal government and lasted until the end of WWI ( The French-Canadians felt forced to fight for Britain, a country they had no commitment to, nor positive history with. Uproars and riots against conscription by the French-Canadians fueled further hatred towards the English, but also help raise the big question about Quebec’s identity within Canada.
As depicted in my first stamp relating to the Conscription Crisis of WWI, there is a happy farmer on one side, and a solemn soldier on the other. A hospital is seen in the distance with injured soldiers entering and…

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