Analytical Essay: What Was The War Of 1812?

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What was the War of 1812? The War of 1812 was a war that consisted of the United States’ troops, Great Britain’s troops, Native American troops, and Canadian troops. There are several reasons why the War of 1812 began in the first place. One reason is because Britain had been in a conflict with Napoleon Bonaparte’s France, so both sides tried to prevent the United States from trading with the other. So in 1807, the British made it to be were neutral countries had to get a license from the leaders of the Orders of Council before they could trade with France or any French colonies. Also, the British Royal Navy had also been capturing American merchant ships and forcing the seamen to work as part of the Royal Navy, which really aggravated Americans. …show more content…
Like in what would be modern day, Quebec, were the people who spoke French had little regard British who governed them. The British government did grant them the freedom of language and religion, which Americans wouldn’t guarantee if they took control of Canada. The British picked the choice that sounded best, and decided they would let British deal with affairs and govern them. They fought hard against the repulse of American attempts to send forces in. In what would be the modern day Ontario, the British weren’t sure if the populace would fight in defense against the Americans. Many Americans had migrated to this part of Canada of the Revolutionary war. They did show some hostility for the Americans who had just stripped them of all they had and forced them out. There were also quite a few Americans who had moved north looking for land after the Revolution. This caused this area of Canadians to have mixed feelings about their loyalty. This made to where it would take a small militia to outnumber the armed forces of “Canada.” Whenever Americans troops went in and displayed that the Canadians’ former loyalty to America wouldn’t protect them from the burning and pillaging of homes and farms. These former Americans would still only fight if they knew the British showed they would be in defense of

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