Relationship Between Social Class And School Knowledge Essay

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Jean Anyon’s study questions and presents finding on the relationship between Social Class and School Knowledge. The study reveals the natural mechanism of upbringing, schooling and the status attached to these constructs, react to maintain varying levels or stratification of knowledge and double standard of living. These findings are a representation of Albert Bandura’s reciprocal determinism, which is based on the premise that a person’s behavior both influences and is influenced by personal factor and social factors. The students working-class parents were defined has as unskilled or semiskilled fathers who make an annual family income at or below $12,00o. The middle-class school consisted of parents who were high skilled and educated, who were well-paid, white-collar workers. Their job included doctors, school teachers, accountants and middle managers. Among the social class in these school districts was also affluent fathers who had employment in the advertising and television industry, cardiologists and interior designers.
Anyon conducted research in five predominantly white elementary schools in two suburban school districts in New Jersey. These school districts serviced a populous of working-class and middle-class people. The information of the research is gathered by observation and formal and informal interviews. Anyon took a keen interest in the subject area of language arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science, Anyon examined the curriculum and materials…

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