Relationship Between Scripture And The Unwritten Traditions

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1. What is the relationship between Scripture and the unwritten traditions? What is the contain of Scripture and Tradition?
The relationship is that both were preached and practiced by the Apostles, who received their teaching from Jesus himself. Moreover, both, the Scripture and the unwritten tradition represent the truth of salvation and rule of conduct. The Scripture and the unwritten tradition are both considered vital and acceptable to the Catholic Church because they came from the Apostles, who knew the truth of salvation from the teaching of Jesus or when they were inspired by the Holly Spirit.
The contain of the Scripture and the Tradition is the is the Gospel proclaimed by Jesus, which is the source of the whole truth of salvation.
Does the council fathers ever define what they mean by “traditions”?
The council fathers did not defined what they meant by traditions. They only
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What is the Old Testament and New Testament? What message do they contain? What is the relationship between the two testaments?
The Old Testament is a series of Books that were written by men under the influence of the Holy Spirit and have God as the author. The Old Testament contains the plan of salvation that God has to His people. It additionally has covenants between God and chosen men of Israel. The Old Testament contains the way God fist manifested Himself to His people through words and deeds. The Old Testament also contains teachings about God and announces the coming of Jesus the Messiah through the prophets.
The New Testament is a series of writings that contain the word of God and His message of salvation for those who believe in Him. It is composed of four Gospels, the epistles of St. Paul, and additional apostolic writings. The New Testament contains the fulfillment of the God by His Son Jesus, who taught His Apostles the words of His Father. The New Testament also contains the life of Jesus and His deeds, and the beginning of the

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