Relationship Between Religion And Politics

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THE relationship OF eastern religions and POLITICS
The nature of relationship between religion and politics is generally regarded as one of the most pressing and sensitive issues in the contemporary society. The policy is primarily determined by the economic interests of the people. Social strata and groups who are characterized by wealth and authority, use the power of the state in order to maintain and / or strengthen their position. The desire for power is one of the strongest human instincts. It is usually accompanied with powerful emotional experiences. Political interests have a tendency to contribute to both uniting and separating the people. The similarity between politics and religion consists in the fact that both spheres are the regulation of connections and relationships between people. For example, religions of the East are the basis of not only the spiritual and moral values, but also the lifestyle of the overwhelming majority of the population. Traditionalist reaction to modernization of the population, especially the forced coincides with the struggle of the clergy to preserve its own position in the developing society.
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This topic is of a particular interest due to the fact that it is generally believed that the matter of religion in the East performs a powerful function over the state power and results in a large amount of conflicts. In order to achieve this aim, it is particularly important to answer several questions which are associated with the topic. Paying attention to the fact that many religions have developed relationships with state powers, how do the chosen religions and their teachings relate to the world of politics and how are these teachings supportive or critical of

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