Relationship Between Parents And Child With The Relationship Of Husband And Wife

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The author is again trying to pursue that Americans do not care of their family or especially in this case their parents compare to their life partner or their love.
On page no. 157, last paragraph, Rais says that he will be tending his mother in a way that is reserved for first few days of the romantic relationship in “his adopted country”, America. He maintains that he is better than most of the Americans by saying that his love, concern, and respect for his mother is what still keeps him detached from all the American ways and accustoms. Furthermore, he says that his devotion for his mother can never be changed for any other “woman of different blood”. I felt like this was kind of generalizing the whole population of America. Furthermore, I believe that there is nothing wrong with having same kind of dedication for both mother and life partner. I do not think there is any need to compare the relationship of parents and child with the relationship of husband and wife.
Argument or critical idea 2:
Throughout the reading, I was actually happy that Rais was treating his mother with so much care and respect. However, the only thing that I found disturbing was that every time Rais did something good, he expected that he should earn some “frequent-flyer miles” from God.
On page 160, first paragraph, at one restaurant, when Rais gave really high tip to a waiter, who served them coffee. Rais’s mother was unhappy that her son was wasting his money in giving money to anyone who did…

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