Relationship Between Parents And Adolescents Essays

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Literature Review

Relationships between parents and adolescents have an important role during their transition from childhood to early adulthood. Establishing a meaningful, supporting, and, caring parent-adolescent relationship is imperative to adolescents’ behavioral development. Although, peer influences have been well-known by society as a key initiator for underage drinking, further research suggests parenting styles/behaviors are contributing risk factors. As a result, parents have a key influence on adolescents’ decision for initiating early alcohol use. For example, parental absence such as working late hours has shown to be a motivation for adolescents early substance use as a result of feeling lonely (Rothman, Bernstein, & Strunin, 2010). Adolescents, who feel abandonment, tend to experiment with alcohol. Although, most parents have to work leaving adolescence to care for them, it is important to create awareness of the consequences of underage drinking. Communicating and being involved in adolescents’ life can lead in discourage adolescents from engaging in such risky behavior. Furthermore, the relationship adolescents have with their parent’s remains highly important and influential during their developmental transition. Windle, Spear, Fuligni, Angold, Brown, Pine, & Dahl, (2009) suggest adolescents begin to experiment with alcohol from ages 10 to 15 the same age range when social relationships with families and peers are undergoing dramatic changes. The lack of…

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