When A Man Loves A Woman Analysis

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When a Man Loves a Woman
The 1994 film directed by Luis Mandoki, When a Man Loves a Woman, undoubtedly signifies the necessity of monetary and kinfolk resources when families are approaching a potential crisis. School counselor, Alice Green, is a blonde, tall, and slender, middle to upper class California woman in her 30’s struggling with the disease of alcoholism. Alice can be described as poised, sweet and fun with a definite silly side to her. When she is under the influence of alcohol, her persona changes into a bit more aggressive and loses her sense of control. Her husband, Michael Green, is an airline pilot. Michael has an olive complexion with brown hair and dark eyes. He is an educated and competent, well spoken, no-nonsense kind of man.
Michael and Alice have been married for about six years, and Michael unknowingly enables Alice to continue her drinking behaviors. Between the both of them, they have a four year old daughter, Casey. Casey is a brown-haired, sweet and silly child. Alice has a nine year old child from a previous relationship, Jess Green. For a nine year old, she
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Alice has two daughters, Jess and Casey, both of whom are approaching the adolescent pre-teen age. The study reveals just how important it is for Alice to, despite her drinking problem, keep a close bond with her daughters. As stated by researchers Cheng and Lo (2010), “What a mother does is clearly crucial in shaping her child’s onset drinking and future use of substances” (p. 897). In the textbook, Price, Price, and McKenry (2010) directly correlate with this study by also concluding that, “In addition to parenting style, the quality of parent-child communication is important” (p. 151). In conclusion, there is a likelihood that having a strong and stable relationship with at least one parent will lessen the chances of a child developing a drinking problem despite their parent’s

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