Relationship Between Nurse Staffing And Patient Outcomes Essay

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During the 1850’s, Florence Nightingale was able to dramatically decrease the mortality rate by increasing sanitation and increasing the quality of care for the wounded soldiers. Since then, her work has changed the course of nursing. Today, nursing practice is advancing technologically and medically; nevertheless, hospitals are still facing adversities. The aging population, rising healthcare, and nursing shortages have impacted current healthcare professionals. Nursing shortages impact not only nurses but also patients.
Research has shown that nursing shortages on the units impact the nurses by the following: larger workloads, decreasing quality of patient care, occupational burnout, low retention rates, and high turnover rate. The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between nurse staffing and patient outcomes in healthcare settings; furthermore, examine the PICO question: Among current Registered Nurses (RN) working in the hospital settings does under-staffing of facilities, as compared to adequate staffing, negatively influence the quality of care and result in adverse patient outcomes during the patient’s length of stay in the hospital.
The nursing shortage and understaffing is not only an issue nationally but also internationally; furthermore, understaffed units become more task oriented and nursing care tasks become neglected or uncompleted as the workload increases (Hinno, Partanen, & Vehviläinen-Julkunen, 2011). According to the Institute of…

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