Essay on Relationship Between Italian And Italian Culture

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In my intercultural experience I decided to spend 3-4 contact hours observing and studying my Italian friend Gianpaulo Riccio and his family. Gianpaulo and his family come from a city located in the southern part of Italy called Naples. In the time that I spent with the Riccio family, I realized that Italians are very passionate people. While interviewing them they really seem to take pride in their culture and the history that comes with it. Italian culture tends to be recognized and celebrated around the world through architecture, sculptures, and paintings all done by artist like Picasso, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo. Likewise, the family discussed the pride they take in the food they eat. Their main course typically contains the first and second courses, which they call primo and secondo. The first course usually consists of risotto, pasta, and soups. The secondary meal differs in certain regions; however, typically meat or fish is served.
Weddings in Italy are extremely different from most weddings occurring in the United States. Italian 's have a lot of traditions that make sense; however, this doesn 't really mean these things will happen. For instance, the bride and groom typically walk together to their wedding ceremony. On their way there, the bride and groom will be set up with specific obstacles. One obstacle could be a broom lying in the street, and if the bride stops to pick it up that implies she 'll keep the house organized and very clean. In past wedding…

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