Relationship Between Dual Relationships And Multiple Relationships

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Dual relationships are when a subordinate relationship occurs in addition to the professional or healing one (Falls, 2006). Clinicians will comprehend and identify that there are some circumstances in which dual relationships are challenging to elude; such as in rural areas and small populations. These circumstances require dialogue of the counseling relationship and actions must be taken to differentiate the counseling relationship from any other exchanges (Falls, 2006). In a rural setting and in small communities dual relationships must be evaluated cautiously and evaded as much as possible.
Dual or multiple relationships transpire when professionals undertake two or more roles at the same time or consecutively with a client (NAADAC, 2009). Some examples would include providing services to a family member, becoming sexually or emotionally intricate with a client, or socializing outside of the therapy sessions. Addiction specialists should not engross in professional relationships or obligations that conflict with family members, friends, acquaintances, or others whose welfare might be threatened by such a twofold association (Roberts, 2008).
Clinicians should maintain and encourage the development of a beneficial relationship of equivalence rather than to take a biased advantage of an individual who presents as susceptible and useable (Truscott & Crook, 2004). Understanding the basis of these principles will further guide the addiction specialist in performing in an…

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