Essay on Relationship Between Artwork And Religion

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Torreahno Sweet 12/4/16
/Religion term paper
Professor Kirby The Relationship Between Artwork and Religion

Religion has been and always will be impactful in people 's lives. Religion affects everything about us and everything around us. Our daily activities and views are influenced by religion. One area that intrigued me during our term was the relationship between Art and religion. Art such as paintings, drawings, and architecture are heavily influenced by all the major eastern religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto and Taoism. All the religions differ greatly in their art work. By understanding each religion on its own it is easier to know the impact of art in each specific religion.

Hinduism is one of the biggest religions across the world, but It has its heaviest population in India. The area of art in hinduism that sticks out to me are the paintings. The avatars and paintings of gods in hinduism are very interesting. The Typical religious paintings in hinduism may depict the god Vishnu. Vishnu will be painted differently than the other gods because of what Vishnu is responsible for. Vishnu will be painted with a serpent around protecting him or nearby because in the hindu religion the serpent protects Vishnu. Vishnu also has four arms and in one hand is always spinning a circle figure that is said to be samsara and the flow of the world. If you are ever in a hindu country you may see these paintings or drawings…

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