Reiman Gardens Case Study

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Reiman Gardens is a beautiful place not only filled with many different flowers, but with many trees and stone designed pieces of art throughout the entire garden. The natural beauty of the garden is one that has been around since 1914. Since 1914, the garden has been allowing students, faculty, and even guests to visit the pleasing garden. Reiman Gardens not only serves for its natural beauty, but also serves as a learning and research sanctuary for students and faculty. Reiman Gardens’ mission is to “educate, enchant, and inspire an appreciation of plants, butterflies, and the beauty of the natural world” (Reiman Gardens). Education is very influential factor in everyone’s life, many businesses, universities, and institutions--including Reiman gardens, Iowa State University, and the Land Grant Mission— main mission is to educate people to make the world a better place. With education being a big role, Reiman Gardens and Iowa State University can welcome everyone and support their education.
The garden was originally located just north of the Farm House Museum, but was later moved in 1964 to a three-quarter acre piece
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Intentionally made to support the education of horticulture students, Reiman Gardens now supports the education of all students no matter the major. Reiman Gardens welcomes all people with different majors, making students feel included and welcomed by the university. The gardens also allow for many people to visit allowing for the welcoming of many students. The garden brings a peaceful environment to the students that not only enhances the experience for Iowa State students, but also educates the students of the

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