Essay on Regulation, And The Impact Of Regulation

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“Regulation, and the impact of regulation, is front page news.” This is a tell-tale statement that carries the weight of truth. Even before the financial crisis of 2007-2008, the regulatory environment was becoming more rigid and complex. Since the financial crisis, this complexity has grown. Regulatory requirements can be intrusive in the ways they impact on business models and the development of products and services. In addition, regulators will not hesitate to intervene if they see a potential problem.
These days, businesses are under increasing pressure to respond to regulatory requirements in a timely manner. How businesses handle and manage this pressure and the accompanying risks will be critical to their success both now and in the future. Companies under regulatory control have a number of issues to deal with, including :
• The protection of brand image
• Meeting the expectations and demands of all key stakeholders, such as investors, customers, regulators, employees, and legislators
• Striking a balance between value and the management of performance expectations in the areas of compliance, risk management, ethics, and governance
• The management of remediation and crises
• The defence of the company and its stakeholders against potential legal enforcement of fines and penalties and any resulting disruption in business
The Australian Landscape
According to a recent Galaxy poll that was conducted for the Institute of Public Affairs, 48% of Australians…

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