Essay on Registration At Spinning Elementary School

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Registration at Spinning Elementary School in Puyallup, Washington, was held in the spring of 1982; at this time the choice was given to my parents as to when I would attend Kindergarten in the fall, morning or afternoon. Morning was selected for it was the earliest available option; I was ready to start school. My dad told me that every morning after registration I asked, “Is today the day?” The first day finally arrived and I remember dashing out of my mother’s warm embrace that she tried to console me with. I do believe it was her that was in need of the comfort not I. The room was absolutely amazing, filled with colorful decorations, shelves of books, a reading loft in one corner, and an imagination play station in the other. I placed my backpack on the table with my name on it and before I had a chance to sit down, I noticed a girl crying. I immediately sat down next to her and provided some five years old words of inspirational wisdom and achieved in gaining a smile out of her by the time the school bell rang. At that time, I went to my seat and looked up to see the most unforgettable smile on Mrs. Ellison’s face as she greeted us before beginning her morning classroom routine. I never missed a day that year; I wanted to be there all day, every day! I actually received an award for my perfect attendance. I would have received the same achievement during most of my elementary years if it was not for developing appendicitis, splitting my chin open in music class, and…

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