Syrian Immigrants

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A New Place To Call Home Since the founding of the United States, immigration has been a government concern. The United States has had immigrants from various parts of the world, ranging from Hungary to Cuba (Singh). Now the United States appears to be taking in a significant amount of Syrians immigrants. This has caused a lot of conflict within our government and on the streets. Because of the unrest in the Middle East and shaky relations between the United States and that region, these Syrian immigrants are different than any other the U.S. has had thus far. Offering them refuge may be complex, but with intense background checks, questioning, and surveillance upon entering the country, they should be allowed to start making a life in the U.S.. A refugee is a person who flees for safety, especially to a foreign country, as in time of great political upheaval, war, etc…(“Refugee”). The …show more content…
Our United States has an open door immigration policy. The United States is open to letting anyone come inside this country with adequate screening, especially if they represent a danger. These Syrians by the facts stated earlier are obviously in a time of great trouble and sadness which should make us open to inviting them here. This policy is something our foundation was founded on and we should keep that in mind and stay true to ourselves. Furthermore there are always jobs that need to be done that many not want to do. They don 't pay well and are a hassle to complete if you have something else you rather do. If we had more people in our country those jobs would be filled with people who would actually like to help and get a little money while they do it. Any money is money for these refugees so it would increase labor force that we need for low paying jobs. They could start a whole new life in this haven of the United States and could help us all by joining us in our

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