Reflective Essay on Leadership

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Reflective Essay on Toy Box Leadership
(Book by Ron Hunter Jr. & Michael Waddell)

This essay will present my views about the leadership lessons discussed in the book I recently read entitled Toy Box Leadership written by Ron Hunter Jr. and Michael Waddell (2008) as part of my learning reflection on the essential socio-cultural and personal competencies discussed in the unit CPD1102. The authors used the toys that we as kids love way back to explain leadership principles that are reflected in each toy. It was an entertaining and exciting experience to go back to my childhood as I read about my favorite toys mentioned in the book while I learn, better understand and know by heart some important leadership concepts that are very
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This highlight commitment and self-direction because it shows how commitment is tied to the achievement of company or team objectives and the ability to supervise patiently towards the end goal. Finally the Yo-yo, it is believed to have originated from the Philippines that is played by releasing it and pulling it back then later doing tricks like walk the dog, around the

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