Reflective Essay On The Homily

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I found myself highlighting more sections and ideas in this area as Pope Francis defines how to act out our mission and not to let differences limit us. It was eye-opening and refreshing to hear responses addressing our human strengthen and weakness versus focusing on paint by numbers approach which is riddled with rules and regulations. Diversity in piety defined as the work of the Holy Spirit is new to me and it is powerful and unifying belief. If we could just embrace the differences and comprehend that we are ALL God’s Children our mission of planting the seeds would be fruitful. When I came back to the Church is was all about learning the rules, making sure we respect tradition. I believe if we lead off with this, not taking into account …show more content…
The title implies that Pope Francis is strictly addressing the Priests and Deacons who have to prepare and deliver the homily. To my revelation, it was directed just as much to all of us in the pews. The section that really struck me was the one titled a mothers conversation. #139 “It reminds us that the Church is a mother, and that she preaches in the same way that a mother speaks to her child, knowing that the child trusts that what she is teaching is for his or her benefit, for children know that they are loved. Moreover, a good mother can recognize everything that God is bringing about in her children, she listens to their concerns and learns from them. The spirit of love which reigns in a family guides both mother and child in their conversations; therein they teach and learn, experience correction and grow in appreciation of what is good. This powerful imagery has resonated in my heart.” What surprised my was its simplicity. We all can relate to this. We all have mothers or mother-figures in our lives. Next time I come across a person who has fallen away from the church or if they are simply Christmas/Easter Masses goers, I will use this wonderful imagery to share what the primary function of our Church is. I wish someone would have explained it to my like this when I was hurt by a scandal that happened at my childhood church. I know God has a grand purpose for all our journeys, and I am grateful for my journey which brought me back in a strong way. I will take the time to share this, the nurturing side of our Church. I will continue to pray for all the Priest and Deacons who prepare to address the people. May they not forget the nurturing tone of our Church. I will also use this analogy with the Christ Renews His Parish team and in with the children I teach in Faith Formation. I will also encourage the women’s group consider using this quote to help reaffirm

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