Reflective Essay On Religion

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In numerous cultures worldwide, being homosexual is not actively accepted. One culture in which this is true is, in fact my own. Both of my parents are from Nigerian culture, and our religion is Assemblies of God. These two facts about my family are two reasons why my homosexual sister, Sarah, is somewhat of a concern. The Assemblies of God faith completely rejects the idea of homosexuality. According to Pew Research Center, the Assemblies of God church, the largest Pentecostal denomination, even prohibits clergy from marrying same-sex couples (Masci et al.). Additionally, our Nigerian culture is strongly based in Christian ideals. Being gay wasn’t supported by our culture’s customs. Therefore, one could easily see how my parents, and I, for …show more content…
She had led a life and culture of indulgence in San Diego: she drank heavily and smoked marijuana regularly, things not in line with our religion or culture. She had cut her hair short; she had gotten multiple tattoos; her wardrobe was completely men’s clothes. Seeing her like this made my mother upset, in addition to her sexuality. In response to my mother’s complaints about her cross-dressing, she went shopping. I tried to encourage her to wear some of her new clothes to church tomorrow by offering to help pick out her outfit. She immediately shut me down. That first Sunday, she didn’t even show up for church. I completely understand why now: she was most likely afraid of being treated like an outcast. I encouraged her to come; people who loved her were there, wondering where she’d been. Yet, for a few weeks, she was hesitant and averse to the idea. At times, I’d notice hostile she’d gotten. Sarah was always a caring, loving soul, but since she got back, she has been very defensive and belligerent. This could well be because of the time she had spent over the years defending herself against prejudice over her sexual orientation. PhD David Myers reports that “In a U.S. national survey, … half [of gay, lesbian, and bisexual persons] reported experiencing verbal harassment,” (Myers, 246). This may attribute to the violently defensive attitude she now has. At home, I strayed …show more content…
Because I was afraid to initiate face-to-face communication, I used the synchronous channel of text messaging, employing the use of emoticons, which DeVito claims can be “very effectively substitute for the nonverbals that normally occur during face-to-face interaction,” (DeVito, 155). I was scared of having intercultural communication and not being able to understand her views completely. I fully and honestly told her how I felt about her sexuality. Though she responded with silence, not replying to my well thought-out message, I knew she had read it. The next day, and days after, she talked to me normally, as if nothing ever happened.She didn’t judge me for my self-disclosure as I hadn’t judged her for her own about her sexuality. In my eyes, this is progress: she knows how I feel and is also receptive to my opinions, though she may not support

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