Personal Narrative: My Lifelong Multitasking Habits

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Assignment #1

Reflecting upon my lifelong multitasking habits, I’ve begun to realize that I’ve always engaged in multitasking habits which often lead to frustration, wasted time, and definitely feelings of being overwhelmed. In my attempts to squeeze in everything I need to do, my tasks and energy have suffered. For instance, on the days in which my son is not at school for a few hours, I feel a lot of stress to accomplish anything and everything that is more difficult to do while having my son with me. Things such as homework and studying, bill paying, research for things like meal/vacation planning, and maintaining my audiobook contacts for future work, all are easier to do when I have alone time. However, when I have those five hours
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It went a lot faster! I had extra time to also brew a pot of fresh, delicious iced tea, too, and set the table! I called the family down for lunch and we all ate and talked. My husband is a big tv person. It’s always on, which drives me a little crazy, especially at meal times. So, I really appreciated just having family time. Jackson, of course, asked to watch a show but I said, no, that we were going to just eat our lunch today and talk. He left lunch pretty fast to go play with his toys but I was able to finish without multitasking. Then I cleaned up while my mom and sister watched with Jackson. I had a few spare minutes after cleaning up and texting my husband, so I checked social media (with a timer) until it was …show more content…
I know that much of my time is living in task switching. Over the last couple of weeks especially. Last week, we were under mandatory evacuation orders at our home for the 5th time since December, this time for possible mudslides. My son and I were gone for four days this time. This week, my mom has been visiting and my son had spring break which equaled more distraction and less time by myself to focus on studying. As we were learning about divided attention and task switching, I was living it with no way around it. I definitely felt that my tasks especially my studies were impacted and it took so much longer to process as I was learning but I was also in a situation beyond my control. But this newfound awareness of these issues actually helped me. I made the best of it and ended up doing well on my assignments and quiz during the evacuation. I felt proud of myself for pulling it off under those circumstances even though it meant letting my son have a lot more ipad time than he’s usually allowed. Ideally, I would love to never have to task switch because I know that it takes longer and retention and learning suffers but in the end, sometimes there are situations which make it unavoidable. It will certainly help me appreciate and strive for times in which I can completely focus on one thing at a time. It feels really good

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