Reflective Essay On Drinking

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As of the 2nd of February, 2018, I have been sober for 35 days. The last time I had any liquor was a mere two days before the new year set in. It was the 29th of December, and I thought not of celebrating the spirit of festivity in silence or by doing something else interesting. Not that I had been riding the wave of some good luck or fortune which made me happy in-itself, rather I was only distraught at how serious my habit of imbibing a useless substance which continually beat me into senselessness was becoming.

Drinking had constantly degraded the quality of my consciousness into something deeply vulgar. I did not like this gradual declivity into alcoholism, and more often than not I had ignored that I had been, in fact, an alcoholic for
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In future there will be many other realisations and instances in life when the idea of alcohol will get magnified many times over in the mind, and there will be sacrifices made to choose one’s well-being over having social commitments that rely on drink. These changes shall not be drastic, but the differences will be made bare instantaneously. I was listening to my favourite band the other night, and I felt like getting …show more content…
I have had much more time to do things I enjoy. I have had a lot less anxiety to deal with. I am not constantly concerned about the opinions of others on me because I am no longer a megalomaniacal debauch. I have saved on more money than I at first had expected. My parents have a lot more confidence, and are generally a lot happier. It is relieving to know that my body recovers every day. Waking up in the mornings, while has never been a source of joy, is at the very least tolerable when the first thought is not a perverse and nervous excitement that comes with not knowing what I did last night. I no longer smoke as much as I would. I enjoy listening to music a lot more, and make the passing of a day feel like an achievement.

Drinking never did a thing for me. It was always to confront Alcohol, the substance, not so to let it grab a hold of my life and not let go. I was instead driven by the fascination of the abomination. It seemed like a summit in wait to be conquered, and that in the process I would conquer myself. I believe both these ideas to valid still, and fairly rational. For both indicate two very real possibilities. It is simply the means by which I will make them true, that has

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