Guatama Book Report

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A man named Guatama, known as the Buddha, from India shown what the liberation of mind was about. He devoted to teach his experience to others, which is very outstanding. Being "awareness" the word he use to describe his teachings. This "awareness" is not in relation to others or surroundings, it 's about the individual itself. Not following doctrine, traditions or formulas is the right attitude to be aware of itself, which in many cases can be very helpful for the individual. Bringing alive a new religion called Buddhism, practiced and declined in India. As to other religions, there were created rituals, ceremonies, and practices that didn 't express what is behind Buddhism. I consider it very interesting how the Buddha was involving …show more content…
However, as humans we are unable to view the whole world, but we can look deeply into every experience or difficulties. Right speech points out that speaking crudely is unnecessary, a believe that is applied in our daily life. People with professional communication skills have better experiences then the ones that do not have those skills. Buddhism share this with Christianity. Mentioned the ones that I have seen, since each path must be seeing and not believe it. During this chapter, also Hagen writing 's about dualism, called my attention, something that I was never thought about. Like in our everyday life we experience dualism, the fact that as humans with have to choice between good or bad. And everyone around is always criticizing our decisions, suffering for what we choose. As he mentioned, a "world in which if you differ from me, then there is something wrong with you" (Hagen 53). It 's impossible and worrying to think that as humans we do not respect each other 's opinions or statements. While Buddhism show us a way to view everything different and be able to understand and to see other

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