Reflections About Teaching Essay

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Right from the start, Ma’am Glo asked us on what is our teaching principle? I don’t have any idea about that. What I only know is that I want to teach. I want to impart my knowledge, ideas and skills to the learners. But then, teaching is not an easy task. We stand as a model and an avenue for learning, an inspiration and hope to other people, especially to our dear students. Teaching is not just delivering or imparting knowledge to others, but again, accompanied with different principles. We must provide students the opportunities to demonstrate and practice the knowledge and skills innate in them. Teachers’ expectation also must be attainable so that our learners can match or cope with ours. Communicating must be
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It is more difficult to re-teach a subject than to teach it correctly for the first time. If our student doesn’t understand the given example, give more examples so that they can understand it fully. Learning experiences should be positive and functionality.

Our learners is the center and most important of the schooling process. Without the learners, teachers will not exist. Every classroom in every school must be conducive to learning. How can a student understand of what we are teaching to if the school environment is such a mess? No students can understand, maybe a little bit of, but will not be fully retained to their mind. Information entered to the right ear, then went out to the left. Subject matter must also be understandable. It must be catered to the extent that they can understand it. Out of the topic examples and explanations ruined a lesson. Teacher also must be of abreast with what is latest and of up to date to be able to impart knowledge that is outmoded.
Hush! I thought that lesson planning is so easy to do. I was so excited when Ma’am Glo told us that before the end of our subject, we will do lesson planning. But then, when the time came for lesson planning, it is such a brain wracking thing! Especially that we were using the Understanding by Backward Design (Ubd). Not a traditional lesson planning before, easy to make. But others say that

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