Stress And Anxieties

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Stress is really common in the everyday adult lives. Everyone has stress whether it is school, work, bill, or deciding what college one wants to attend. All these life changing events can be stressful. While some adults have a method for coping with stress and anxieties, other people do not. In today’s society more people are having stress because of /the pressure that is being placed on them in life. Many young adults, adults and children are beginning to have higher levels of stress and anxieties. In my reflection, I will be discussing some the ways the books explains how a person can handle these stress and anxieties.
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Anxiety and Stress, everyone in life goes through
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There are many factors that can affect a person’s stress. For example, working, being in an unhealthy relationship, or being in a negative environment. These example are called external stressors that can effect a person. Then there is the internal stressor, which can be having poor health habits, having financial difficulty, having no unrealistic expectation. The thing with stress is everyone handles this differently. For example, some people like to read a book, while others may exercise, eat or write, or they may play a musical instrument. When a person is dealing with stress a person needs to channel their energy into an activity that is positive. For example, some people say that they drink or smoke too relive stress. However, this is not a stress reliever, this is a defense coping mechanisms. There is good and bad ways that a person can handle stress. Additionally just as there is stress, there is anxieties. A person anxieties can be cause by worrying about the future. Often times anxieties is caused by a situation that may or may not transpire like the way a person thinks. However, in today’s society more children and adults are having to deal with more anxieties. While reading

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