Reflection Paper On The Life Of Pi

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The Life of PI by Yann Martel takes us through a mind blowing journey of faith, struggle and obstacles. Pi Patel was stranded on a boat by himself for over 100 days but was still able to remain grateful during his time of struggle. Many things inspired his strong willed nature of not being thankful during his time’s of struggles. One being his unwavering faith in God, the others being his ability to find God Inside of him and him being able to remain thankful to those who kept him alive even though he accepted that he was going to die. Pi Patel’s faith and strength throughout his journey allowed himself to survive the process.
Pi is grateful in times of suffering because his connection with his faith practices, allows him to hope for a life
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To remain sane, Pi found God in himself in order for him to stay grateful and sane at the same time. He felt as if he were abandoned by God but at the same time he believed he was still in Gods Presence. He feels as that God is slowly leaving his presence. For him his beliefs have now become a danger that he doesn 't want to face. He would yell to the sky different phrases like “THIS IS GOD”S ARK” or “THESE ARE GODS WIDE ACRES!” (Martel 209), so he is constantly reminded that God is still in his presence. But at the same time that with that realization he felt as if he was away from god 's presence, but what got him out was the thought of his family. He found god in himself by thinking of “...My family, of how they were spared this terrible agony. The blackness would stir and eventually go away, and God would remain, a shining point of light in my heart.” The light from the thought of his family, represented the presence of God that was in him. He found God in himself through times of suffering, which shows us how he is able to stay grateful. Pi amount of suffering greater than any human being is able to get through. A way from him to keep sane was to find God in himself, which in return allowed Pi to stay grateful; in his time of immense suffering.With Pi successfully finding God in himself, it aided him in his journey on the lifeboat which allowed …show more content…
Pi has a strong amount of unwavering faith in God, which helps keep him sane and able to strive for goals.He had faith that God would deliver him from his predicament, so he powered on because he had faith in God to get him through it. But with that faith comes doubt. He was suffering a great deal and had to figure out how he was going to get through this journey. He reflected on the fact that his family didn’t have to suffer which made him in return find God in himself because of what the thought of non-suffrage for his family brought. Even though he had unwavering amount of faith and he had a part of God inside of him, he still had to accept the fact that he was going to die. He was thankful for the places he lived and the family that he had and for Richard Parker who kept him alive, which allowed him to be able to fight for life with his faith in God to aid him. Pi had suffered a great deal in his life, but his faith in God and his willingness to fight aided the struggle he went through and allowed him to live another

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