Reflection Paper On Teacher Knowledge

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Many teachers work hard to follow the standards and ensure that their students are receiving quality learning in a productive environment. Reflection is often recommended for teacher to review their practices and make adjustment to their teacher for the benefit of the students. Atkinson (2012) notes that “teacher knowledge scholars find it important that their work make the various sources and components of teacher knowledge visible, and advocate a variety of sources for reflection that inform teachers’ practice” (p. 177). Reflection is based on the work of John Dewey. According to Dewey (1910) “Thinking involves (as we have seen) the suggestion of a conclusion for acceptance, and also search or inquiry to test the value of the suggestion before finally accepting it” (p. 30). When completing reflections, teachers must feel free to be open and honest about what they are doing in the classroom and what changes they will make in the classroom to continue increasing their student’s personal development and the teacher’s practice. This paper will include my personal reflections about two areas of teaching that are always preformed at high level and three areas of teaching that are never performed at high level. Additionally, I will explain my educational philosophy and connected it to the areas of teaching performance. For the areas that I never perform at a high level, I will discuss a professional development training that I participated to improve my practice.…

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