Reflection Paper On Self Awareness

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I. An example of why it is important me one to reflect on my teaching is to progress through self-awareness.
a. It is important to reflect on my personal teaching to continue progressing and refining it ways that will better suit my students. For example, if I put together a lesson plan that didn’t go so well or a lesson plan that could have been excellent with a little minor tweaking, reflecting will help me to continue recreating and creating improved methods of teaching. While reflecting, I may be able to identify whether the issues that arose within the lesson were confusing to the students or if they students had not been fully prepared to address the lesson prior to encountering it. In other words, have they not learned at the rate I expected them to have learned or have I presented them with confusing information that they would understand, had it been communicated differently. It is always valuable to be self aware, even if that means admitting you were wrong. Being self-aware will help keep me accountable and honest with myself, which leads to good judgment in my instruction. Good judgment will help build trust and momentum between the teacher and the students as they overcome failures and celebrate successes together.

II. An example of why you will need to keep accurate records is to track student’s progress.
a. I believe one of the most valuable reasons to keep accurate records is to pass on the students’ progression to their next educators. Especially if a…

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