Religion Or Religion: Why Do We Exist?

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Why are humans so uniquely designed? How did we develop and how have we evolved? We are a species whose existence can be questionable. To determine your Creator or fate there is a term that is practiced referred to as religion. Religion can be defined as the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or Gods. Being that we live in a culturally diverse world, many religions have developed over time. For example: Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and etc. Specifically, I believe the religion that of Christianity depicts a clear and vivid reason for our existence. Christianity is a religion of which teaches you the life and teachings of Jesus Christ; one God; monotheism.
I am initially from the Caribbean. My mother and father trail of the island of Jamaica. Christianity is a lifestyle for me since it 's the most prevalent religion in my country. The residents of the island mainly focus on genuinely building a relationship with
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Judaism and Christianity have the same thing in like manner for instance, they both put stock in a preeminent being called GOD and the fundamentally have the same instructing of him and his child JESUS. Also, they practice prayer. The two share a common origin, monotheism, which was sculpted into a home in Palestine three thousand years ago. In Christianity, it is said that there is a Holy Trinity, whereas Judaism speaks highly that there is one God. Jesus is believed to not have been resurrected on the cross unlike in Christianity where that is affirmed. When it comes down to their views on other religion, Christians strictly believe that Christianity is the TRUE RELIGION. Judaism is the chosen faith but others are good too. There lies a contradiction, there cannot be more than one truth. What is true is. This accentuates my argument of what is the true reason we roam this earth

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