Reflection Paper On My First Semester

1067 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
As a freshman in college, my first semester in writing 110, I found out what was I capable of and what I needed to improve on. This semester was consisting of speech’s, papers, reading assignments, while doing this I found a lot about my writing skills and it would help me become a better writer in the future. These questions helped me reflect on my thinking about how well I performed in my class What project did you find most challenging? Why? How would you define yourself as a writer/speaker before this class? And after? What tools that we learned in this class helped you most? Where did you see yourself succeeding? What areas will you see for improvement in the future? Did you discover anything about yourself as far as group work? How did the transition from paper to symposium work for you? What did you learn about research in this class? How did meditation or free writes or any other component of this course contribute to your learning? The project that I found most challenging was the rhetorical analysis because this was my first time writing a research paper in college. I have never ever written a complex paper before with so much detail in it. This was challenging for me because I never used a college level database and it was difficult for me to use because I wasn’t sure what database I was supposed to use for each time I searched something up. In the rhetorical analysis, we had to research a space or community and we had to analyzing a local space or community. You…

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