Reflection Paper On Higher Education

1045 Words Jun 8th, 2015 null Page
I hope that this letter finds you well, and that you take care and time while reading through my completed portfolio. Inside is a showcasing of my works throughout my time in
ENG 112, alongside a piece I wrote for my Independent Studies course. Each paper I wrote this semester traveled through the discovery of argumentative writing and is a demonstration of my improvement in separate areas.
The first paper written this semester was the argumentative paper on higher education.
Out of the given topics I chose to write on higher education due to its relevance to my current life. I am neither too involved in pop culture nor fast food and as a college-bound senior higher education was the most impactful topic. Specifically, I covered the cost of higher education and whether or not the price of attendance was worth the rewards. Overall, the paper had a heavy impact on my view of the future. While writing this paper I researched heavily into Virginia colleges and universities. I, personally, am staying in-state for university, so the heavy costs of tuition and living in Virginia made me rethink my own decision to further my education. This was also due to my newly researched understanding of where money at different universities
Hamrick 2 goes, what it is used for, and whether or not it is actually directly or indirectly benefitting students. While writing this paper, I believe my greatest improvement was in understanding how to research and include necessary facts. One of my…

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