Hamlet: A State Of Mind In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Hamlet: A State of Mind Shakespeare’s Hamlet, is one of the most profoundly developed characters ever created in a fictional masterpiece. William Shakespeare, an English, sixteenth-century actor and playwright, captures audiences with his detailed attention to human feelings. These sentiments dramatically affect the heroes of his literary works. Even in modern times, one can relate on a personal level to each one of his characters in his dark comedy, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Shakespeare’s underlying plot focuses on Hamlet’s goal of avenging the death of his father, Old King Hamlet. His use of deceptive motives and interactions with his love, Ophelia, and uncle Claudius adds to the drama. In William Shakespeare’s tragic novel, …show more content…
After the death of Old King Hamlet, Claudius not only takes full control of Denmark, but also his sister – in – law, Gertrude. After the death of his father, when Claudius marries his mother, the reader identifies the first changes with Hamlet. This marriage between Claudius and Gertrude sparks Hamlet’s emotions. Hamlet begins to self analyze and ponder the concept of moral faithfulness. Hamlet is greatly distressed by actions of Claudius and his mother. He is confused by the lack of sentiments and seemingly careless actions of his mother. This torments his inner self and cause him distress when remembering his deceased father. These changes lead Hamlet to being skeptical towards Claudius and fills him with distrust. After hearing that Claudius actually killed Old King Hamlet, he does a series of deceptive tests to see if he will admit it. First, Hamlet stages a play based on the brutality that Claudius had committed. The idea of the play is to, “catch the conscience of the King” (Act.2, Scene.2, Line.634). Hamlet wants too see if Claudius, while watching the play, will show any facial expressions indicative of guilt, to prove that he killed Old King Hamlet. If it was not for his own father’s death, Hamlet would not have become so absorbed in discovering who the killer was. As Claudius is seeking forgiveness from Hamlet for his crime, the reader beings to further comprehend …show more content…
The former King is filling him with thoughts of betrayal by his own family. When he reveals the truth behind his death, he plants in Hamlet’s head the idea of betrayal which is the beginning of Hamlet’s madness. Although a father should guide his son in a positive direction, Old King Hamlet actually does the opposite. He explains to Hamlet that his own brother was the sole killer by poisoning him. He asks Hamlet to “revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (Act.1 Scene.5 Line.31). Hamlet may never have gone mad if it were not for his father asking for him to kill. His father is the cause of the emotional breakdown of Hamlet. Had Old King Hamlet not told him about this murder and asked his son, in turn, to murder his brother, Hamlet would not have the crisis that he had to face. It began with this request and it had a huge effect on Hamlet’s mental health. Although Hamlet would never have considered murdering his own family, his father has psychologically changed this part of him. Later, after the prince kills Polonius, Old King Hamlet is seen again. Hamlet is arguing with his mother when his father comes down to remind him about his death. Obviously his father’s ghost has been watching over him and doesn’t really care about Hamlet’s mental state but only that he has not yet killed

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