What Does Motivation Mean When You Come Into The Gym

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Do you have a sense of passion, purpose and meaning when you come into the gym? That is a question that seems obvious but do we do it. Before you even start training, do you have goals, a plan and how you are going to execute it? If not, you need to figure that out. If you do not have a purpose or a goal, then you are going to have trouble obtaining your ultimate goal. Too many times I ask people “what are your goals”. Most people say that they want to lose weight and tone up. Then I ask “ok how much weight and what is your definition of tone up”? Most of the time they really do not know this question. That is ok, that is why a personal trainer is there to help you figure out your goals, create a plan and execute it! Goals do not always have to be weight loss or body fat loss. They can be geared toward getting you back to an activity or sport that you are passionate about but have lost touch with because of injury or a lack of motivation.

Having success is knowing what you want! A study on psychological benefits showed that people who are certain about what they want to achieve are six times more
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In today’s society, we are all about quick results. Unfortunately, our bodies do not always work as fast as we want them. Sure, some people can get results really fast because of their genetics. Not fair right? Most of us have to bust our butts to get the results that we want. A problem that I had was finding this great program, doing if for a week or so and then changing it to something different. Your body needs time to adapt to a program. Give the workout a month and then progress those same exercises into more challenging exercises. Have you ever been to the gym and seen the same people doing the same exercises for years and they look the same. We never want our bodies to get used to something, mix up your program along with a solid nutrition plan and changes will

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