Reflection Paper Chapter 3 Reflection

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Zamir De Jesus
September 10, 2017
Chapter 3 Reflection
John Christesen

This section focusses on attempting to find out about history that way we don't commit similar errors for present and future. This chapter takes you on a visit through the history of research on media effects. It sparked an enthusiasm for the feeling that most research should be firmly comprehended of its advancement of time. As clearly portrayed on the section of research. Generally speaking history is one of those things I don't tend to look after. Neither did it play and significance in my life as a student.
Reading through the chapter made me consider that its something thats crucial. Specially for the field of Communications in todays fast pace of life. This
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This is one of those days that I will never forget. Due to this day was the whole ordeal why I wanted to major in this field. Being a high school student I did see the news. See whats going on but never really grasp how important the media plays out in our life. Without the effects of research and findings throughout the media this world would not function the same way. Media will always play out a huge factor of our daily life. It’s truly something thats a must as a society thats how we evolve. Since this tragic incident happened the world would no longer be the same. The reason why is as stated on the book “The incident seemed to crystallize a number of issues that were already on the public agenda” common issues like video game violence, how easy it was to get a gun. All these common issues were quickly all coming …show more content…
These types of movies tend to always have the same correlation with the types of genres that were mentioned earlier. Do I see myself as turning more violent, more hateful. No, but at the same time I do think that neither would half the people that watch these movies. The reason why is because there hasn't been a real potent exposure to these types of films for my standpoint. But other might have other effects toward these types on genres. My only question for these studies were. Were researcher able to attain some kind of studies to the exposure beforehand. Because I don't specifically think that just for watching violent movies you're suddenly going to change

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