Reflection On The Reflective Practice Essays

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Part A. Reflective practice literature review

The assignment is devoted to teacher self-reflection which is acknowledged to be one of the moves that will lead to development and professionalism. Part A looks firstly at theory of reflection in general and then how it works in teaching. It points why reflection is essential in teaching practice and presents different ways of reflections as well as different levels of reflection. Whereas part B, presents more practical use of reflection and how it was used by me.

1. Literature review
1.1. Introduction of reflective practice
Whilst doing some research I was trying to find the beginning of the reflection as a part of teaching and to my surprise there is no certain date of introducing reflection to education, however, in 1933 Dewey created one of the first term of reflection as a cognitive process – that is by a definition ‘the active persistent and careful consideration of any belief or supposed form of knowledge, that support it and to further conclusions to which it tends.’(1933:9) He states also that, actions that were taken after reflection practice were ‘intelligent actions’ (Calderhead, 1989: 44), as the phase was carefully thought and then the solution was found.
1.2. Reflection in teaching “The purpose of reflection is therefore to bring our reasoning processes and behaviour patterns to the surface and make them explicit”. ( Butterworths, 1996) Of course the process might be difficult but once we develop…

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