Restrictive Environment

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After taking time to reflect on the least restrictive environment (LER), it seems as though there is quite a bit that educators should keep in mind. LER is used to help benefit student by providing an environment that is conducive to student learning without putting unnecessary restrictions. Furthermore, LER also ensures that accommodations are made so that regardless of a student’s disability they are still able to learn to the best of their ability. This helps students with special needs be able to receive and equal education that allows students to reach their highest potential. Schools use tools such as the continuum of placement alternative to help find the right environments that allow students to find balance and work to the best of …show more content…
IEPs and IEP meetings with members of a child’s IEP team are the best tools to use when developing the LRE for students. Some schools tend to make family members feel like an unwelcomed part of the school. However, it is imperative that parents and guardians feel valued, because they know more about their child than anybody else. Therefore, when a parent has something they would like to share or suggest in regards to how their child should learn such as the learning environment in regards to LRE, it is everyone else on the IEP team’s job to take what the family has to say to heart and into consideration. Districts, schools, and teachers should encourage family support and involvement to better meet a student’s needs. Even if it means helping them get to IEP meetings by picking them up, scheduling meetings around the family’s schedule, electing someone at the school to watch younger children during the meetings, or opting for conference calls when they cannot be there. Parents and guardians are a vital part of how schools work with students and should be treated as …show more content…
In a school she worked at five years ago there was a student with Asperger’s. This student’s family created social cue cards to help him developed good classroom and social behaviors and appropriate interactions. By the time the student was in the eighth grade he had developed many skills including memorization; which led to him wanting to take theater and drama in high school. The teacher of the class drama class refused to take him as a student, because of his disability. The family fought it through a mediation with members of the student’s IEP team, the head of the special education department, and the superintendent of the district. In the mediation a solution was found that benefited everyone and prevented a due process hearing. The student ended up playing leading roles in the school plays until he graduated, and went on to earn a degree in theater.
What are the teacher qualifications for each type of service delivery? Teacher qualifications for all services are fairly simple. Teachers have to be highly qualified and certified to work with general and special education students. Moreover, teachers have to be skillfully trained in all aspects of student service. This ensures that teachers are able to work with their students to the best of their ability. Moreover, this promises that the teachers can adequately apply services in the classroom and

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