Reflection On The Greek Orthodox Church

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INTRODUCTION: I attended the Greek Fest at St. George Greek Orthodox Church, which is located at 4070 Kingston Pike in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Greek Fest is significant to Tennessee because it brings the Greek Culture to our community. The Greek Orthodox Church has allowed numerous families the ability to experience their delicious food, awesome dances, unique clothing, beautiful music, and many other enjoyable activities for 36 years. I visited the festival with my dad, mom, 4-year old sister Emma, Ella Sharp, Laiken White, and Laiken White’s family, on Saturday, September 26, 2015. The Greek Orthodox Church of Knoxville began in 1915; the Nicola Cazana family was the first to arrive. They wanted the Greek customs and culture to thrive in America. In 1935, the first Greek Orthodox Divine Liturgy began with an itinerant priest at St. John’s Episcopal Church. The priest was Father Demetrios Cassis; he was from …show more content…
Icons are holy images of pictures that represent parts of Christ’s life and other parts of the Bible. They have been used since the beginning of Christianity, and they are still used today. They represent another form of praise to God, and they are considered a great work of art. They were used to help teach parts of the Bible and give a visual description of the story. They also helped to keep people’s minds from wandering to things other than prayer and worship. The leaders in the church thought that icons acted as idols for the people, and they were banished from the church. Those who had icons were persecuted, but the people still thought that icons should be in the church. Finally, the icons were put back into the church, and they have been used in the proper way ever since that time. Icons are still used today as forms of worship and praise to God. They are considered a great masterpiece in the Greek Orthodox Church, and they have great value to many

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