Final Project Reflection Essay

Final Project Reflection
Whereas the project went very well, I do not think I performed at my absolute best. My main downfall was my failure to use the five weeks given to complete the project appropriately, with a much larger portion of the work occurring in the final week.
There are three main things I could have done better. Firstly, I would want to work more efficiently and finish the project earlier, as described above. Doing so would have greatly reduced stress and afforded more time to implement desired features. Second, I want to work in a more organized fashion. Many of the clauses written in the Company Contract (e.g., organized meetings with the company), as well as project requirements, were ignored. Instead, I simply worked on
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Everyone in my team was readily available for communication, were knowledgeable and efficient workers, and deeply understood the project so that one could troubleshoot another’s code. Also, each brought special skills to the table that the other lacked, complementing one another nicely. However, for varying reasons, my partner and I both could have worked on the project more regularly in order to finish earlier. To remedy this, I would probably establish a work schedule so that I could predict exactly when the project would be finished.
No, I do not find it helped me. However, I had essentially selected my partner before the semester began, so mine is an exceptional case. However, I think it is an effective idea. Yes – all experience with teams is important, as it teaches one their role and how to learn from past mistakes to avoid them in the future.
Yes – I intend to pursue software-related fields in university, and the experience of studying computer science, in theory and in practice, is highly beneficial.
No – in the workplace, I would expect a much higher amount of organization from administrators (e.g., two people would not be assigned work on the same file, causing a Git merge
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If the worklog is required, I would remove the need to keep track of the amount of time spent, as that is likely to be falsified if forgotten. Game requirements: The requirements were succinct and to the point. I would have liked some examples of what was “age appropriate”. Also, many of the requirements on the rubric were extremely vague and/or didn’t make sense. Game topics: Designing a game for the 3-5 demographic served as an interesting challenge. However, I still believe that children of that age should not be playing computer games,and that was a challenge when trying to come up with game ideas. Contracts: I did not like making the contracts, as I ended up ignoring the clauses I wrote. I would put as much focus as possible on the code rather than creating documents. UMLS and graphic plans: Strongly disliked. Ultimately, it felt like clerical work and I never did them until immediately before they were due. I just want to program instead of handing in document after document!
Yes, I would recommend the course because while it is challenging and at times extremely stressful, ICS4U AP a rewarding course from which one takes away many

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