Reflection On Teachers 's Beliefs Essay

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Essay One Educators must hold equally high expectations for all students despite their backgrounds, conditions, low-income all students can learn, as long as the teacher holds expectations of high performance for all students. Both high and low expectations can create self-fulfilling visions. One example of how a student might perceive what a teacher is telling them would be; students must believe they can achieve before they will risk trying, and young people are great at sensing whether their teachers believe they can succeed. Teachers must truly believe their students can achieve before they will put forth their best effort to teach them. The teacher 's beliefs must be translated into instructional practices if students are to benefit keeping in mind that actions speak louder than attitudes. Teachers must also be sensitive to the subtle ways in which low expectations can be conveyed. When a teacher expresses sympathy over failure, students typically feel the teacher thinks they are incapable of succeeding. They need to feel as if they are capable in a positive way to keep them taking lots of risks. Similarly, when a teacher gives students lots of praise for completing a task or offers help before the student asked for it, students may think the teacher feels they are stupid. In other words, holding high expectations is not simply a matter of cheering the students on; but requires insight into how students may interpret a teacher 's words and behaviors.…

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