Reflection On Organisational Behaviour

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I have always believed in the fact that a person is not what he is born, but what he grows to be. And what a person grows to be is shaped by his/her experiences in life. Since childhood, I have experienced many emotions, feelings and experiences. Growing up has been fun, and more of a roller coaster ride. Before studying organizational behaviour, I never really understood why I react or behave in a way that I do. This subject has helped me understand why. I never thought that much about behaviour, always assumed reactions are random and depend on our mood. This subject has equipped me with the necessary skills via the sessions conducted, presentations, instruments and presentations.
We started the curriculum by defining what organizational
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Fear has gripped me many times, negative thoughts somehow creep into my mind as well, but positive thinking has always been a boon to me. I could connect to positive psychology because I try to focus on my strengths in my weakest moments. During the sessions I also discovered that I have a growth mind set. Learning about how to find out one’s own strengths and how to use them really boosted my confidence. My Learning style inventory test gave me a combination score of 1;1. This score lies in the quadrant of the diverger. As a diverger, I possess the strengths of understanding people, imagination, recognizing problems and brainstorming. I can relate very well to these qualities, as they are a part of my …show more content…
In moments of happiness I laugh and when something goes wrong I find it hard to deal with. My friends and parents also say that my face is like a mirror to my heart, my expressions display every emotion and thought that is running inside my head. I could relate to emotional intelligence in a way that my emotions also affect my behaviour and my work. This topic helped me analyse how I can use my emotions as an asset and manage them effectively. It also helped me learn to analyse other people’s emotions, and understand them better. This will be a useful learning throughout my life, because if I am not able to understand someone properly, I can never be a good friend to them. The emotional intelligence instrument resulted in a total of 101. This score lies in the region of high emotional intelligence. The instrument also shows that I have high social skills and empathy, which I actually consider as two of my biggest strengths in

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